Über mich (About me)

I have been interested in shortwave listening and especially ham radio since my childhood. Some familiy members were hams and I had an early fascination for polar radio operators like Ernst Krenkel. During the early 1990's I have been a SWL and DARC member, but lost interest in the hobby because of antenna problems. Later, during my work for an emergency management agency, I also had the chance to operate radios.

In spring 2012 I became "radio active" again. After a short trip on the (almost dead) CB band I started SWLing again. First broadcast stations, later amateur and utility stations. The DARC gave me the SWL callsign DE2HOL. In autumn 2013 I took the class E exams and became a "real" ham radio operator (callsign: DO5ZV). Nevertheless, shortwave listening did not loose it's fascination.


SWL: Yaesu FRG-100, Tecsun PL-880, HDWA active antenna (mounted in the attic), longwire.
OP: Yaesu VX-8 GE.

Club Memberships

DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) - DOK: W 22
FiH (IG Funkamateure in Hilfsorganisationen) - # 856ZX
MRR (IG Military Radio Runde) - # 221
EPC (European PSK Club, EU Area: DE.SA.DR) - # 0379L (DE2HOL), # 22142 (DO5ZV)
DMC (Digital Modes Club) - # SWL0190 (DE2HOL), # 06720 (DO5ZV)

My Coordinates

Grid Locator: JO61CV
ITU Zone: 28
CQ Zone: 14

QSL Policy

For my SWL reports as DE2HOL I can only hope to find friendly hams, who kindly respond with their QSL cards.

As OP (DO5ZV) I prefer to send my QSL cards via bureau or direct.
For direct cards: There is no need for sending a SASE, an IRC or money. Only a SAE could be helpful, in case I did not already send my QSL card.

SWL reports are welcome! They will be answered to the same conditions.


E-Mail: de2hol[et]gmx.net

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